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Quality by Tradition

TUSICA is the the first soap and detergent company in northern Colombia, founded in 1905.

With 118 years in the domestic and international market, has been transformed over time, managing to adapt to constant changes and even more recently the globalization of markets.



The Hanseática company is recognized for being a pioneer in the manufacture and marketing of cleaning and personal hygiene products.


La Luz X – Soap manufacture building.


The Germans Walter Ritzel and Werner Backhaus joined the Hanseatic company as employees and later as partners.


The company moves from the sector known as “Barranquillita” to its current headquarters on via 40, today the most important industrial zone of Barranquilla.


The Tusica company is born: acronym that comes from the German regions of the Ritzel and Backhaus partners: TU (ringia), SI (lecia), and CA (Colombia). Since then we are located in the current premises in the northern industrial area “Via 40”.


We introduced a fine powder soap under the brand ISI for the new laundry machines which was a new technology during those days.


The traditional method of making soap in mold was superseded by the current vacuum plant to improve quality and productivity.


Jabonería Tusica begins to record losses, and banks close the possibility of accessing loans.


Tusica begins a recovery process that continues to grow the company today. We started to diversify our portfolio to a new trend of cleaning and sanitizing products that were mandatory for the food division, so we have launched specialized formulas to meet every type of industry, like bottling, dairy, poultry, tuna plants among many others.


Tusica Soap Factory makes a long term investment on its infrastructure modernization.


We finalized the cosmetic manufacturing plant and accomplished both the Invima and Ecocert certification to provide to the global market the finest organic foam soaps.

With manufacturing of soaps and candles in the early twentieth century, the latter due to the low coverage of electricity in the country, to more advanced products in the following years, as cleaners and detergents in the 50’s to date with a complete line which is such as the Food and Beverage Hygiene Industry, Maintenance Hygiene Industry, On Premise Laundry, Food Grade Lubricant for Bottling Tracks and traditional bar soaps sold in supermarkets and convenient stores.

Invima Certification

The Jaboneria Tusica Ltda. production plant has the Cosmetic Production Capacity Certification CCC, and the Cleaning Production Capacity CCP issued by INVIMA (Surveillance Institute of Medicines and Food).

Ecocert Certification

Some of the features this certification have are: environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health, development of the concept of green chemicals, responsible use of natural resources, respect of biodiversity, absence of petrochemical ingredient ( except for authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, absence of GMO andrecyclable packaging.

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